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Trou aux Biches Beach, Mauritius

My current workplace is the beach of Trou aux Biches, only two villages away from Grand Baie and also very close to the beach of Mon Choisy. White sandy beach, turquoise water and the sunshine are my office today.
Along the rambling beach, it is not hard to find a place in the sun, or shade. You only have to pay attention to the owners, because there are a lot of hotels located. For me this is exactly the opposite of Mon choisy. Trou aux Biches Beach is lined with hotel associated sunbeds and of course their guests, while in Mon Choisy the locals spend their weekends and holidays. The choice between Trou aux Biches and Mon Choisy, is solely based on personal preferences and geographical conditions.

Here as well as in Mon Choisy I feel comfortable. In addition to my work – to keep you up to date – I have also brought my learning materials for my “Diver certificate”. As a student, I know how to learn in different places, but the beach has of course its merits or how does it sound to learn under palm trees, at nearly 30 ° C and the sound of the sea to you? – And even in December! Trou aux Biches seems to me a quieter beach, because the direct access for the ringing and sounding little ice cream trucks, as well as the spirited and sometimes even noisy Sega afternoons of Mauritians is possible only with difficulty because of the hotels. It is a beautiful beach and as previously mentioned, it is up to your own liking if you prefer Trou aux Biches or Mon Choisy. Who has the choice, has the agony to choose between two beautiful beaches

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