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Ile des Deux Cocos, Mauritius

To reach my today’s destination, I have to traverse almost entirely Mauritius. My path leads me towards Mahebourg, close to the airport, at Plaisance. The morning traffic does not bother me, full of anticipation for my day. It goes to “Ile des deux cocos”, probably one of the most beautiful islands around Mauritius. “Ile des deux cocos” is located off the southeast coast and just next to “Blue Bay”, the largest Maritime Park and Marine Reserve Mauritius’. After initial difficulties to find the dock for the boat trip to “Ile des deux cocos”, the magnificence and grace can be seen on arrival. The island is embedded in the colorful shades of blue of the Indian Ocean and gleaming white sand, which can already be seen from far away. My guess to have found paradise, appears more and more tangible as we approach the island.

Finally arrived! To welcome us a towel is served, gorgeous floral smell and only a few meters further, a welcome cocktail is served. The perfect start for a dream. After a short rest in the lovingly furnished seating lounges, I can no longer hold back the curiosity. The 1 hour-long walk around the island, I’ll like to take to inspect paradise in more details. After just a few steps widens the horizon, high waves breaking on the reef, of which nothing is to be noted on the other side of the island. Behind the harsh, yet majestic waves extends the seemingly endless expanse of the deep blue Indian Ocean. The path leads all the way around the island where you can stroll comfortably under filao and palm trees and enjoy the unspoiled nature. At the end of the forced march, you find yourself at the entrance of a villa, the only accommodation on “Ile des deux cocos”. This was built more than 100 years ago by Sir Hesketh Bell, a British governor, as a holiday home and has been renovated for conservation and tourist purposes.
A dream island on its own, at least for one night, no problem as long as the cash is right. After visiting the villa, we are already politely asked for Lunch. Actually everything is consistent, until now there is no other place that can convey so much holiday feeling as “Ile des deux cocos”. After the diverse and delicious lunch, it’s time to get a place in the sun. Thanks to the strictly limited number of visitors per day, this is not a problem. A hammock or maybe in the shades of the comfortable lounges, everyone will find a place. Then the opportunity is given to admire by means of a “glass bottom boat” the Blue Bay Marine Park, at least for those who do not want to miss out on this snorkeling paradise. A rich underwater flora and fauna invites for snorkeling and exploring. Next to various corals, there are many different fishes, who sometimes get a piece of bread to bring them nearer to the ones on the boat. After a successful snorkel tour, once again the opportunity is offered to bask in the sun, to swim, just relax and enjoy.

A day in paradise comes to an end. “Ile des deux cocos” offers pure luxury, with an all-inclusive package of holiday feeling, sunshine and relaxation. Anyway, a must-do in Mauritius.

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