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Flying in the lake airplane in Mauritius

Now I’ve already seen a lot of Mauritius and reported on different and various things. So, I was looking for a way to bring you closer to Mauritius from another perspective. Whether north, east, south or west, we’ve already learned a lot. Through my new found passion for diving, I could hopefully bring you to the underwater world a little closer. Therefore, the only option remained was the ”bird’s eye” perspective. Because of that, I will do a small flight over the north-western coast by seaplane, from which I will directly report, as soon as I have safely landed.

Short and concise – it was great! We started in a bay of Grand Gaube, along the coast to Grand Baie, Cap Malheureux and back again. The view was breathtaking. The previously so multifaceted blue and turquoise tones of the Indian Ocean were even more diverse by the offshore reefs. It is amazing how the colors change with the depths of the ocean and merge into each other. A play of colors on a painting from the artist of Mother Nature. Due to the relatively low height of the seaplane, you can even see the life underwater. Silhouettes of a large number of rays were seen and to my own triumph, I could even see a turtle upon surface, trying to get some air. The thought of what is hidden below the water surface, gives me a kind of ”positive queasy” feeling and yet it fascinates me like no other element. The flight was a wonderfully new experience and is more than recommended. In this respect, I think the pictures speak for themselves. An experience that has brought Mauritius even closer to me and from this perspective I am still convinced that Mauritius is a paradise island, nestled in the depths of the Indian Ocean.

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